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I have a beautiful new couch I wanted to protect from spills & cat hair. I use matching blankets to protect it, but recently when I washed several of my blankets, they pilled horribly. I thought I would need to throw them out. I researched products online & this one had good reviews. It was larger than I expected which is good because the blankets are large. It works great, you just have to swipe different directions to find which one works the best. Inexpensive fix to save my $40 blankets & protect my couch!

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This product is great! It works just as well as a name brand lent roller, if not better. I have a dog that sheds like crazy and this helps a lot. It's cleaninb trap works very well too.

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This product is AMAZING!

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Works great! The small component not so and I am still not completely off how I clean it can make, because in the reservoir fall the hairs not. Which keep now in the sleeve hang. But to so far I find it a great price quality product!

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