About Us

Welcome to PET JARL !

Pet Jarl is your one-stop online shop for innovative and creative pet gadgets. Our affordable collections such as pet furniture, pet grooming tools and many more gadgets are all of great functions and features to provide a more convenient and funnier life for you and your pets.


Our Mission

The original idea is to share products that can show owners love and caring for pets, with this in mind, we are constantly experimenting and looking for the best pet supplies. We are dedicated to the pets favorite and suitable products that can bring convenience, happiness and fun to you and your pets.


Pet Jarl Team

The Pet Jarl Team is consists of a group of people who are all pet-loving and who are eager to learn pet knowledge. We are all pet owners and have great passion to make a better quality and enjoyable life between pets and owners, because pets always bring us a lot of happiness and moving and we should feed back.


Thanks for visiting our shop! With your encouragement, we will continuously improve our services.